Hello I’m Ginger.

As I said in my opening blog, I like knitting and I also love Ginger Meggs. Not because he has the same name as me but because he loves life and comes from a working class family.

Ginger Meggs started life in an Australian cartoon series in 1920. Ginger is a red-haired young mischief-maker who lives in an inner suburban working-class household. The longest running comic series in Australia, Ginger Meggs was also made into a film in the 1980s.

Australians love to give people nick-names. If you have red hair it’s either going to be ‘Bluey’ or ‘Ginger’. I got ‘Ginger’. So my blog here may have a bit about knitting, but in the main I hope to provide a few pearls of wisdom as I spin a few yarnsĀ  about business.